Specialty drug management is one of the fastest growing and most complicated areas. TPG-HC’s wealth of talent and knowledge in this niche area enables us to work with clients to create a best in class, cost effective strategic plan to directly address these challenges.  Using our lessons learned via our vast specialty network, we deliver insightful advice that makes a difference when managing a variety of specialty point of care issues.  Let our experts recommend ways to navigate an ever-changing pricing environment to manage costs and deliver quality services in this complex market.



Leveraging our extensive specialty pharmacy experience, we conduct a thorough market analysis, evaluating real-time data to provide an objective approach to specialty RFP evaluation with a focus on identifying the most cost-effective relationships.

Specialty Drug Administration Evaluation

Our team works with clients to map out the most cost effective process for specialty drug administration.  TPG-HC benchmarks your current practices to industry standards ensuring you have the right business process in place to manage the delivery of specialty drugs.  We also review formulary design and provide recommendations on how specialty drugs are sourced.  

Vendor Management

With the potential for multiple payors and complicated data management issues, how do you know you’re receiving the services and reimbursements called for in your contract?  TPG-HC audits your current specialty contract to ensure its being fulfilled to the letter of your agreement.