With years of experience, TPG-HC is the perfect partner to track and manage your pharmacy program performance.  Our team can readily assess performance metrics, operational process and staffing structure to provide recommendations to benefit you and your members.

We recognize that each organization is different.  TPG-HC takes a multi-disciplinary approach enabling us to work with teams of all sizes and skills, including clinical, IT, and contracting professionals.  



Looking to improve both efficiency and quality? Our experts assess and monitor your pharmacy program to identify any areas of improvement and then analyze claims to determine whether contract terms are met.  Our audits ensure that the implementation of the contract is meeting your business objectives.  When contracts are not meeting expected results, TPG-HC is armed with market intelligence to provide recommendations for improvements with cost saving strategies without compromising quality.


Our team doesn’t just review contract adherence, but also determines whether benefits have been administered correctly. Member eligibility issues, services to non-members, prior authorizations, dispensing of drugs on formulary, assignment of correct co-pays, and adherence to discounts are just a few of the areas where we’ve helped clients in the past.

Organizational Strategy

Is the organizational structure of your pharmacy program built in the most efficient way? TPG-HC evaluates the impact of staffing changes, re-organizations and management processes to ensure that your staffing approach best meets your needs.  Our team delivers actionable recommendations to yield measurable improvements.