TPG-HC brings a seasoned team of professionals, with over 20 years average experience, to help you evaluate partnerships with current or potential PBMs. We are an unbiased third party whose skilled team is up to date on the latest developments, trends and markets.

Through TPG-HC’s objective proprietary process, we identify key elements to help achieve savings and to ensure compliance to get prepared for the future.


Contract Analysis

If you’re looking to renegotiate with your current PBM or conduct a performance assessment, TPG-HC can help. Paired with our market knowledge, the detailed and objective review process will accurately assess PBM compliance performance and provide detailed recommendations for performance improvement and cost efficiency. We can leverage our extensive market research to make sure your pricing is competitive with the marketplace.


Benefit from TPG-HC’s comprehensive database incorporating the most recent market information on pricing for a variety of PBMs – whether you are comparing small, medium, or large plans – we benchmark comparatively to help you drive negotiations with your current vendor to secure the best deal.


With a deep understanding of the current PBM market and strengths of various PBMs, we provide technical experience to develop an RFP to ensure a fair and consistent evaluation of different vendors. We don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach – conducting market research tailored to identify PBMs that would be a good fit for your plan and then help you craft a contract that ensures delivery of exactly what your plan wants. Whether your goal is cost savings, modernization or growth, we are the business partner who can guide you there.

Contract Negotiation

TPG-HC brings a flexible mindset and years of negotiation experience. If our performance analysis shows the terms of the contract are not being met, we’re there for you. We’ll work with your PBM partner to ensure both quality and satisfaction, and adjust the contract terms to satisfy your need for savings and performance. Contract assessment by our experts is critical to ensure that your PBM is set-up to serve you best.  Without the right financial and clinical guarantees, as well as contract definitions, the risk management of the contract can increase dramatically, leaving you vulnerable to potential losses.